Garanti Invest A/S – An introduction

Who are we?
Garanti Invest is one of the leading providers of structured notes in Denmark. Since 1998 Garanti Invest has developed more than 100 structured notes.

Garanti Invest is a fully owned subsidiary in the Sparinvest Group. Sparinvest was founded in 1986 as a Danish mutual fund, but has since evolved as an international asset manager with activities in 14 European countries.

The Sparinvest Group is an independent asset manager owned by more than 80 financial institutions, pension funds and insurance companies.

What do we do?
We service our customers with investment products with a limited risk.

Since 1998, Garanti Invest A/S has offered a more than 100 Capital Guaranteed Notes with a turnover of over DKK 16bn.

Financial institutions, significant Danish mortgage banks as well as international banks, all with high credit ratings, issue all the notes.

The Capital Guaranteed Notes are combinations of bonds and options, which, along with a capital guarantee, offer high levels of security and simultaneously vast possibilities of taking part in the financial markets’ increases. In this way, the investors are able to participate in relatively “high risk investments” on the markets of stocks, FX, interest and commodities, but with a limited risk. Furthermore, all our notes are quoted on the NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen A/S and are freely negotiable.

How do we do it?
When developing the Capital Guaranteed Notes, we take a close look at the trends and tendencies to ensure an interesting and current product.

We work with an advising committee consisting of advisors from the leading banks in our group of owners and employees at Garanti Invest A/S. The committee discusses and validates new ideas for products.
In this way, we make sure to meets our customer’s needs and we pride ourselves in this flexible and attentive approach to the market.

What do we want?
Although, we have a leading position on the market, we continuously exert ourselves to be the preferred provider of Capital Guaranteed Notes in Denmark.

Our declared mission is to be unsurpassed on the market within our core competence - to develop and implement new attractive Capital Guaranteed Notes.

The focus of Garanti Invest A/S is to continuously nurture and strengthen our strong relationships with local banks while developing our relations with small institutional investors. 

The Garanti Invest Product Codex

Simple and comprehensible products
The investors should be able to see through and understand the products they buy.

High issue site quality
There should be no doubt about issuer’s credit worth. No supplemental or postpositive capital.

Complete transparency in the prospectus
All relevant information should appear from the prospectus, including all information about costs etc.

Sober and true marketing
The sales material should give a true picture of the products, including especially the conditions of return, the risk, the investment horizon etc. 

Contact details

Garanti Invest A/S
Hvidesten, Kingosvej 1
DK-2630 Taastrup
Telephone: +45 36 34 75 00
Telefax: +45 36 34 75 99


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